Social Media

Powell Intelligence Labs is creating the all new MyOS operating system, and the all new MyPhone, the first ever fully customizable phone package. Previews coming next spring!
In addition to the new update, Powell Intelligence Labs is releasing new services, like open knowledge initiative. Open Knowledge Initives main goal is to put all knowledge in one place. We think that through a more collabrotive society, we can achive better results, and grow faster as a race. You can share everything from expertise to life expieriences. This is expected to be released by mid-November. Chack back here for details!
In August of last year, we realeased a service called The Social Box. The Social Box's one main purpose was to integrate social services, like Facebook and Twitter, into a single, easy-to-use application, allowing you to manage your internet life. However, due to complications, the site was unofficially discontinued. Finally, we're bringing it back now, with brand new featurers like SocialPanama, ChatBridge, Stream Media Player, and a whole variety of other services, along with a new name, "Social Box". By 2014, we plan to even have Social Box, "Apps", allowing our social integration platform to grow even more.
Hello, and welcome to Powell Inteligence Labs, Your Link to the Future. Today we officially are relaunching our site, with a fresh new look, and several updates. We also have several new services going online in the next couple weeks. Please come back and check for more updates.